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A console tool which manages your github webhooks efficiently.

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fish-hook is an efficient tool for managing your lots of github webhooks.



  • >= python3.5
  • pip3

Notice: Because of using sanic web framework, python3.5 or more high version needed!

Get started


$ pip3 install fish-hook


$ fish-hook init
$ cd fish/
$ fish-hook new

Then edit shell scripts...

$ fish-hook server

If you create webhook for repository named example, fish-hook will create a subdirectory in main directory that the structure likes this:


You can reference all webhook events of github add your own shell script file like in example directory.

For example, if you create a shell script file named in example directory, the will be executed when fish-hook got the fork event from github(someone forks this repository).

The fish-hook will do nothing without send a normal message at Ping event received.

Most of the time, you just need a shell script to handle push event :P

Create a webhook

$ fish-hook new

Remove the webhook

$ fish-hook remove

Get all github webhook events

$ fish-hook events


Use Screen

screen -d -m fish-hook server

Set github webhook

  • Open

  • Click 'add webhook' add

  • FIll your server name with port and repository name(as same as fish-hook)config


Name Description
"*" "Any time any event is triggered",
commit_comment "Any time a Commit is commented on",
"create" "Any time a Repository, Branch, or Tag is created",
"delete" "Any time a Branch or Tag is deleted",
"deployment_status" "Any time a deployment for the Repository has a status update from the API",
"deployment" "Any time a Repository has a new deployment created from the API",
"fork" "Any time a Repository is forked",
"gollum" "Any time a Wiki page is updated",
"issue_comment" "Any time an Issue is commented on",
"issues" "Any time an Issue is opened or closed",
"member" "Any time a User is added as a collaborator to a non-Organization Repository",
"membership" "Any time a User is added or removed from a team. Organization hooks only.",
"page_build" "Any time a Pages site is built or results in a failed build",
"public" "Any time a Repository changes from private to public",
"pull_request_review_comment" "Any time a Commit is commented on while inside a Pull Request review (the Files Changed tab)",
"pull_request" "Any time a Pull Request is opened, closed, or synchronized (updated due to a new push in the branch that the pull request is tracking)",
"push" "Any git push to a Repository. This is the default event",
"release" "Any time a Release is published in the Repository",
"repository" "Any time a Repository is created. Organization hooks only.",
"status" "Any time a Repository has a status update from the API",
"team_add" "Any time a team is added or modified on a Repository",
"watchAny" "time a User watches the Repository"






  • Add prod command
  • Improve compatibility
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