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Free Super Clean PHP File Directory Listing Script

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Free Super Clean PHP File Directory Listing Script

Easily display files and folders in a mobile friendly, clean and cool way. Just drop the index.php in your folder and you are ready to go. Past versions of this script can be found here:


At the top of the index.php file you have a few settings you can change:

-- $title = "List of Files";

This will be the title of your page and also is set to the meta mitle of the document.

-- $color = "light";

Change this variable to dark when you are feeling down.

-- $ignore_file_list = array( ".htaccess", "Thumbs.db", ".DS_Store", "index.php" );

Create an array of files that you do not want to appear in the listing

-- $ignore_ext_list = array( );

You can create an array of extensions not to show, for example: 'jpg,png,gif,pdf'

-- $sort_by = "name_asc";

This will sort the files, the available options are: name_asc, name_desc, date_asc, date_desc

-- $icon_url = "....";

A data sprite of evenly spaced out icons. You can create your own like the one found here.



-- $toggle_sub_folders = true;

If a folder is clicked on, it will slide down the sub folder. You can turn this off here.

-- $force_download = true;

This will add the html download attribute which forces the download in some browsers.

-- $ignore_empty_folders = true;

Ability to hide empty folders.

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