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This contains the content hosted on the FieldTrip website

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FieldTrip website

This repository contains the FieldTrip documentation hosted on

Feel free to contribute by doing edits here and sending a pull request. See for a complete tutorial and for formatting instructions.

Technical notes

Limitations when viewing on GitHub

Most of the Markdown formatting will show up nicely here on GitHub, but there are some limitations.

  • Hyperlinks will not be pointing to the correct pages.
  • Images are not included correctly.
  • YouTube videos will not be included correctly.
  • Highlighted sections will not show correctly.
  • Code blocks don't have syntax highlighting.

Evaluating the website locally

If you make changes that you want to evaluate prior to publishing them, you have to install Ruby, Bundler, Jekyll, etc. Subsequently you can do

bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental --livereload

which will convert the Markdown into HTML and serve the complete website on http://localhost:4000.

wget --spider -r -nd -nv -o spider.log http://localhost:4000
grep -B1 'broken link!' spider.log  | grep http > broken.log

House prose style

  • UK English spelling
  • No Oxford commas
  • Spellings
    • "open source", not "open-source"
    • "website", not "web site"
    • "MATLAB", not "Matlab"
  • Sentence case (not "Title Case") for section headings
  • Use en- or em-dashes where appropriate
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