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Various ffmpeg scripts and notes. Here you can find:

  • access_copy: scripts that produce access derivative files with the specs given by several institutions.
  • deinterlacing: a superficial look at the different ffmpeg deinterlacers.
  • inverse_telecine.md: how to use ffmpeg to IVTC a file, including bash script. (Added to ffmprovisr)
  • inverse_telecine.py: springing off the above, this is a Python script that takes in a single file (or folder of .VOBs) and applies IVTC (+ concats, if necessary).
    • Yea, you can do it in Bash easily, I just felt like writing some Python.
    • Run using python3 inverse_telecine.py <input>
  • rewrap-mp4: a basic PowerShell script for batch processing using ffmpeg. (Added to ffmprovisr).
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