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Mock http requests made using fetch

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Mock http requests made using fetch.

Features include:

  • mocks most of the fetch API spec, even advanced behaviours such as streaming and aborting
  • declarative matching for most aspects of a http request, including url, headers, body and query parameters
  • shorthands for the most commonly used features, such as matching a http method or matching one fetch only
  • support for delaying responses, or using your own async functions to define custom race conditions
  • can be used as a spy to observe real network requests
  • can be extended with your own reusable custom matchers that can be used both for matching fetch-calls and inspecting the results
  • isomorphic, and supports either a global fetch instance or a locally required instance

New If using jest, try the new fetch-mock-jest wrapper.

New Cheatsheet

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fetchMock.mock('http://example.com', 200);
const res = await fetch('http://example.com');

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I devote a lot of time to maintaining fetch-mock for free. I don't ask for payment, but am raising money for a refugee charity - please consider donating


fetch-mock requires the following to run:

  • Node.js 8+ for full feature operation
  • Node.js 0.12+ with limitations
  • npm (normally comes with Node.js)
  • Either of the following
    • node-fetch when testing in a nodejs
    • A browser that supports the fetch API when testing in a browser

Documentation and Usage

See the project website or cheatsheet

If you're using jest as your test runner, consider using fetch-mock-jest, a lightweight, jest-friendly wrapper around fetch-mock.


fetch-mock is licensed under the MIT license. Copyright © 2019, Rhys Evans


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