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? Give thanks to the open source maintainers you depend on! ✨

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? Give thanks to the open source maintainers you depend on! ✨

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"Put your money where your love is." – The Grateful Dead

Open source maintainers do the work that makes our awesome apps, websites, and projects possible! Many authors devote countless hours to open source. Let's help out authors and make the software we rely on healthier at the same time!

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It's easy!

  1. Run npx thanks in your project
  2. See which of your dependencies are seeking donations! ?


Run it instantly (without installing!) using:

npx thanks

Or, install it, then run it:

npm install -g thanks

? Open source authors, add yourself to the list

If you're an open source author who accepts donations, add yourself to the thanks CLI by modifying this file, and sending a pull request!

We're also considering supporting a new package.json field. Please share your thoughts!


MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.

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