Federal Open Source Repos Save

Uses Javascript to query the Social Media Registry and GitHub APIs and list details about all federal open source code on GitHub

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Federal Open Source Repositories

Live version available at:

http://federal-repositories.herokuapp.com/ (you'll have to do a one-time authentication against your github account)

Note that the original version at http://gsa.github.com/federal-open-source-repos/ is still live but now hits the API rate limits of GitHub for unathenticated users. This is a good problem! It's because there's such growth in government GitHub usage.

Also note sister projects at www.govcode.org and http://ada.mbecker.cc/USAxGITHUB.

Contributing to the Project

  1. Fork the project using the "fork" button in the top-right corner
  2. Create a new branch
  3. Make changes
  4. Commit, push
  5. Visit your repository's page to submit a pull request

Note: By contributing to this project, you agree to license your work under the same terms as those that govern this project's distribution. See license.txt for more information.

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