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Feature Extraction of Mental Load EEG signals

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Feature Extraction of Mental Load EEG signals

This repository contains a Ipython notbook file which contains a module to extract features from EEG signals.


Download the repository

Open the file Feature Extraction.ipynb

Run all the code in the notebook.

Note: Wait for a while after the code snippet with heading "Creating the feature vectors" is run to let the features get populated before normalizing the features. The feature.csv file created is located in the Features directory in the root along with the ####Normalizedfeatures.csv file.

As mentioned in the note the Features directory stores the feature files. The Training-Data directory in the root contains two other subdirectories; 1-Back,2-Back and Idle which contain 1-Back,2-Back and Idle data files of five subjects respectively.

There are two pre calulated feature files in the Features directory:



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