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TheFatRat a Massive Exploiting Tool Revealed

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An easy tool to generate backdoor and easy tool to post exploitation attack like browser attack,dll . This tool compiles a malware with popular payload and then the compiled malware can be execute on windows, android, mac . The malware that created with this tool also have an ability to bypass most AV software protection .

  • If this project very help you to penetration testing and u want support me , you can give me a cup of coffee :)
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Automating metasploit functions

  • Create backdoor for windows , linux , mac and android

  • bypass antivirus backdoorr

  • Checks for metasploit service and starts if not present

  • Easily craft meterpreter reverse_tcp payloads for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac and another

  • Start multiple meterpreter reverse_tcp listners

  • Fast Search in searchsploit

  • Bypass AV

  • File pumper

  • Create backdoor with another techniq

  • Autorunscript for listeners ( easy to use )

  • Drop into Msfconsole

  • Some other fun stuff :)

Autorun Backdoor

  • Autorun work if the victim disabled uac ( user acces control ) or low uac ( WINDOWS )
  • What is uac ? you can visit ( http://www.digitalcitizen.life/uac-why-you-should-never-turn-it-off )
  • I have also created 3 AutoRun files
  • Simply copy these files to a CD or USB
  • You can change the icon autorun file or exe in folder icon ( replace your another ico and replace name with autorun.ico )


  • Copy your icon picture to folder /TheFatrat/icons
  • Change the name into autorun.ico
  • And Replace
  • Done

:scroll: Changelog

Be sure to check out the [Changelog] and Read CHANGELOG.md

Getting Started

  1. git clone https://github.com/Screetsec/TheFatRat.git
  2. cd TheFatRat
  3. chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh

:book: How it works

  • Extract The lalin-master to your home or another folder
  • chmod +x fatrat
  • chmod +x powerfull.sh
  • And run the tools ( ./fatrat )
  • Easy to Use just input your number

A linux operating system. We recommend :

  • Kali Linux 2 or Kali 2016.1 rolling
  • Cyborg
  • Parrot
  • BackTrack
  • Backbox
  • Devuan

:heavy_exclamation_mark: READ

  • if prog.c file to large when create backdoor with powerfull.sh , you can use prog.c.backup and create another backup when you running option 2

Update Fatrat

  • To update fatrat go to your TheFatRat folder and execute : git pull && chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh

  • To Update from 1.9.3 Version and up , execute on your fatrat folder : ./update && chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh

Tutorial ?


  • Submit new issue
  • pm me in gmail
  • Hey sup ? do you want ask about all my tools ? you can join me in telegram.me/offscreetsec

:octocat: Credits


Note: modifications, changes, or alterations to this sourcecode is acceptable, however,any public releases utilizing this code must be approved by writen this tool ( Edo -m- ).

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