Fabriciolimadev Phoenix Cheat For League Of Legends Script Save Abandoned

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  • Intel & Amd Processor;
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Download Cheat

Download Password: 1234

How to use?

  • Extract Files

  • Run a cheat

  • Open League Of Legends Client and Press F2.


  • Skin Changer – Internal skin changer for your League of Legends (support for China version) Allow you to change your skin (only you can see) For china version check the switch D3DX9

  • Auto Ready – Allows you to auto accept a match when this found. Just enable the switch

  • Offline Chat mode – Allow you to disable chat communication (firewall must be enabled to work) If your region not work, please contact me, and send your region. (To be offline, will take 5-10 seconds after switching option)

  • Auto Queue / ReQueue – This preset will do auto queue and requeue (after game finish). This preset will skip honor and all notifications after game end. For draft/ranked the option Auto Preferred in Draft Mode will need to be enabled, and preferred positions be configurated.

  • Auto Pick – Normal Game – Will pick automatically your selected champion.

  • Auto Say – All modes – Will say anything your choice in Champ Selection.

  • Auto Rune – Will apply automatically runes (work in normal game and draft/ranked mode)

  • Auto Pick and Auto Ban (Draft/Ranked) – Choose automatically your champion or ban automatically selected champions. This will be based in your lane position.

  • Auto Spell Settings – Will apply spells automatically based in your position.

  • Preferred positions – Will set automatically your lanes when join in a lobby Just configure First lane and second lane.

  • Preferred rune pages – Select preferred rune pages which League of Legends Evolut Client Hack will use to auto rune.

  • Preferred Site Runes – Select preferred rune stats website (Blitz or LolAlytics)

  • Disenchant champions – Disenchant all your champion shards with one click.

  • Config – All configs are saved based in logged account.

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