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XML/HTML handling tools for primates

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EzXML.jl - XML/HTML tools for primates

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EzXML.jl is a package to handle XML/HTML documents for primates.

The main features are:

  • Reading and writing XML/HTML documents.
  • Traversing XML/HTML trees with DOM interfaces.
  • Searching elements using XPath.
  • Proper namespace handling.
  • Capturing error messages.
  • Automatic memory management.
  • Document validation.
  • Streaming parsing for large XML files.


Install EzXML.jl as follows:

julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.add("EzXML")'

This package depends on libxml2, which will be automatically installed as an artifact via XML2_jll.jl if you use Julia 1.3 or later. Currently, Windows, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD are now supported.

Version compatibility

EzXML.jl Julia
1.0 1.0 or later
1.1 1.3 or later
1.2 1.6 or later


# Load the package.
using EzXML

# Parse an XML string
# (use `readxml(<filename>)` to read a document from a file).
doc = parsexml("""
    <genus name="Homo">
        <species name="sapiens">Human</species>
    <genus name="Pan">
        <species name="paniscus">Bonobo</species>
        <species name="troglodytes">Chimpanzee</species>

# Get the root element from `doc`.
primates = root(doc)  # or `doc.root`

# Iterate over child elements.
for genus in eachelement(primates)
    # Get an attribute value by name.
    genus_name = genus["name"]
    println("- ", genus_name)
    for species in eachelement(genus)
        # Get the content within an element.
        species_name = nodecontent(species)  # or `species.content`
        println("  └ ", species["name"], " (", species_name, ")")

# Find texts using XPath query.
for species_name in nodecontent.(findall("//species/text()", primates))
    println("- ", species_name)

Quick reference

See the reference page or docstrings for more details.


  • EzXML.Document: an XML/HTML document
  • EzXML.Node: an XML/HTML node including elements, attributes, texts, etc.
  • EzXML.XMLError: an error happened in libxml2
  • EzXML.StreamReader: a streaming XML reader


  • From file: readxml(filename|stream), readhtml(filename|stream)
  • From string or byte array: parsexml(string), parsehtml(string)
  • To file: write(filename, doc)
  • To stream: print(io, doc)


  • Node information: nodetype(node), nodepath(node), nodename(node), nodecontent(node), setnodename!(node, name), setnodecontent!(node, content)
  • Node property: node.type, node.name, node.path, node.content, node.namespace
  • Document:
    • Property: version(doc), encoding(doc), hasversion(doc), hasencoding(doc)
    • Node: root(doc), dtd(doc), hasroot(doc), hasdtd(doc), setroot!(doc, element_node), setdtd!(doc, dtd_node)
  • Document property: doc.version, doc.encoding, doc.node, doc.root, doc.dtd
  • Attributes: node[name], node[name] = value, haskey(node, name), delete!(node, name)
  • Node predicate:
    • Document: hasdocument(node)
    • Parent: hasparentnode(node), hasparentelement(node)
    • Child: hasnode(node), haselement(node)
    • Sibling: hasnextnode(node), hasprevnode(node), hasnextelement(node), hasprevelement(node)
    • Node type: iselement(node), isattribute(node), istext(node), iscdata(node), iscomment(node), isdtd(node)
  • Tree traversal:
    • Document: document(node)
    • Parent: parentnode(node), parentelement(node)
    • Child: firstnode(node), lastnode(node), firstelement(node), lastelement(node)
    • Sibling: nextnode(node), prevnode(node), nextelement(node), prevelement(node)
  • Tree modifiers:
    • Link: link!(parent_node, child_node), linknext!(target_node, node), linkprev!(target_node, node)
    • Unlink: unlink!(node)
    • Create: addelement!(parent_node, name, [content])
  • Iterators:
    • Iterator: eachnode(node), eachelement(node), eachattribute(node)
    • Vector: nodes(node), elements(node), attributes(node)
  • Counters: countnodes(node), countelements(node), countattributes(node)
  • Namespaces: namespace(node), namespaces(node)


  • EzXML.Document type: XMLDocument(version="1.0"), HTMLDocument(uri=nothing, externalID=nothing)
  • EzXML.Node type: XMLDocumentNode(version="1.0"), HTMLDocumentNode(uri, externalID), ElementNode(name), TextNode(content), CommentNode(content), CDataNode(content), AttributeNode(name, value), DTDNode(name, [systemID, [externalID]])


  • XPath: findall(xpath, doc|node), findfirst(xpath, doc|node), findlast(xpath, doc|node)
    (Note the caveat on the combination of XPath and namespaces in the manual)


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