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extract-html-diff: extract difference between two html pages

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This package allows you to extract a difference between two html pages: given pages A and B, it will try to extract parts of A that are changed in B. It uses lxml.html.diff under the hood. but provides only changed parts as HTML.

It requires Python 3 currently.

License is MIT.


You can install the package from PyPI::

pip install extract-html-diff


You can extract diff as text::

import extract_html_diff

html = '<div> <h1>My site</h1> <div>My content</div> </div>'
other_html = '<div> <h1>My site</h1> <div>Other content</div> </div>'

extract_html_diff.as_string(html, other_html)

this will give you::

'<div><div>My content</div>  </div>'

You can also get diff as a tree (an lxml.html.HtmlElement) if you plan to do additional transformations or change serialization::

extract_html_diff.as_tree(html, other_html)

You can pass input html as str or bytes (it will be parsed with lxml.html.fromstring in this case), or as an already parsed lxml.html.HtmlElement.

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