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A JavaScript utility class, written for ExtJS 4, that monitors the browser window for user activity.

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Ext.ux.ActivityMonitor() is a utility class intended for use with ExtJS 4.x.

ActivityMonitor() watches the browser's BODY element for mouse movement and keystrokes - a realistic way to judge if the user is actively viewing your web application.



Ext.ux.ActivityMonitor.init({ verbose : true }); Ext.ux.ActivityMonitor.start();



  • verbose (Boolean): Whether or not the ActivityMonitor() should output messages to the JavaScript console.

  • interval (Integer): How often (in millseconds) the monitorUI() method is executed after calling start()

  • maxInactive (Integer): The longest amount of time to consider the user "active" without regestering new mouse movement or keystrokes

  • isActive (Function): Called each time monitorUI() detects the user is currently active (defaults to Ext.emptyFn)

  • isInactive (Funtion): Called when monitorUI() detects the user is inactive (defaults to Ext.emptyFn)

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