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Helpers, shortcuts and my common frontend workflows from Evil Martians.

The project is separated into 3 gems:

  • Evil Front only contains helpers and doesn’t change the application environment.
  • Evil Front All loads the workflow gems: Autoprefixer, Csso, Slim, JqueryCdn, Evil Blocks, Uglifier.
  • Evil Front Rails loads the workflow gems and changes
    Rails settings to create my common frontend workflow with a single line of code.

You can safely use Evil Front Core, but the other two gems have side effects, so I recommend to only use them for new projects.

Some of the view helpers from Evil Front Core may require Rails, but most of them work with any Ruby application.

Sponsored by Evil Martians


The Evil Front Core gem contains assets and view helpers:

View Helpers


  • russian_typograph to add typographical symbols (like Russian quotes, em-dash), non-breaking spaces.
  • english_typograph to add typographical symbols (like quotes, ellipsis), non-breaking spaces.
  • typograph_by_locale uses russian_typograph or english_typograph depend on current locale.
  • auto_flying_quotes add tags to quotes to move it from text left horizontal line.
  • ruble to insert the Russian currency character.
  • capitalize_first to capitalize only first letter.

Head Tags


  • tel to insert phone numbers as links with the tel: protocol.

Sass Helpers

JS Helpers


The Evil Front All gem loads my must-have tools:

Rails Settings

The Evil Front Rails gem changes default Rails settings:

  • Autoprecompile adds all files in root of app/assets/stylesheets and app/assets/javascripts to precompile. You should only store loadable files in subdirs.
  • Disable assets generation on controller and action generation.
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