Ethereum Multisig Versions Save

Ethereum 2/3-multisig smart contract & dApp for cold storage, hardware wallets.


4 years ago

This release updates the signing semantics of the contract to support the latest Trezor firmware. This also means that Ledger devices are also supported, making the contract no-longer Trezor-specific.

The dApp has also been correspondingly updated to support directly talking to both Trezor & Ledger devices.

Testing has been improved.


5 years ago

This is the first release of the Unchained Capital Ethereum Multisig smart contract & dApp.

This project allows anyone with 2 friends and a set of Trezors to create safe 2/3-multisig vaults to store ETH.

Learn more about the project from our blog post.

You can also try out a hosted version of the dApp.