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CSCS Production Repository

This is the CSCS Production Repository on the GitHub, with the list of CSCS production builds and EasyBuild configuration files. Please check the CSCS User Portal for details on how to use the EasyBuild framework at CSCS.

Contributing back

How to submit a pull request:

  1. Add the EasyBuild configuration files to a new branch in your fork, including all the required dependencies
  2. Create a pull request (CSCS developers should assign it themselves) following these policies:
    • the title must match a supported system in the list daint dom kesch tsa, otherwise the build will fail immediately. The system names have to be enclosed in square brackets to be distinguished from the actual pull request title and be parsed by the corresponding Jenkins project
    • if the title matches WIP ("Work In Progress"), then the test build will be aborted immediately, as work in progress is not supposed to be tested
    • Dom and Piz Daint can test both software stacks -gpuand -mc at once:
      1. if the title matches only ${system}-gpu or ${system}-mc, only that software stack will be used:
        • [dom-gpu] NAMD will build using -gpu, [dom-mc] NAMD will use -mc
      2. if the title matches both or none, then both will be used, one after another in a loop:
        • [dom] NAMD will build using both -gpu and -mc in a loop
        • [dom-gpu,dom-mc] NAMD will do the same
  3. The CSCS Jenkins project TestingEB will test the build of new EasyBuild recipes with respect to the master. The corresponding pipeline of TestingEB is contained in the jenkins/JenkinsfileTestingEB script
  4. (CSCS developers) ask for a review: the pull request will only be merged when approved
  5. In order to re-trigger the testing of the pull request without committing a change, add the comment retest this please which will notify the TestingEB Jenkins project
  6. (CSCS developers only) for production builds, please update the appropriate production build list here
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