The European Single Procurement Document enables accelerated processing of preliminary evidence in EU public procurement. The ESPD EDM enables applications to integrate with national ESPD service providers.

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ESPD Exchange Data Model (EDM)

Version 3.3.0 (July 2023)


The ESPD-EDM version 3.2.0 was focused mainly on correcting minor errors in the data structure and the codelists, as suggested by the Member States and stakeholders via the GitHub repositories issues workspace.

The ESPD-EDM version 3.3.0 focuses also on correcting other minor errors in the data structure and the codelists.


Version content

This new version of the ESPD-EDM includes:


  • ESPDTeam: contains files for ESPD Team internal use in maintenance tasks of the ESPD-EDM;
  • codelists: contains the different code lists used in ESPD in Genericode format and the criterion structure definition.
  • conceptual-model: contains the UML conceptual model of the ESPD in .eap, .xmi and HTML format.
  • java-library: contains the XML schemas used to generate the JAXB annotated Java classes. This artefact is no longer maintained!!
  • ubl-2.3: contains a redistribution package from UBL 2.3.
  • validation: contains business rules validation files for Schematron and Testbed.
  • xml-examples: contains default ESPDRequest and ESPDResponse xml samples and the criterion xml schema.

For more information regarding the release, please refer to the release notes.


The ESPD-EDM is made publicly available through GitHub.

  • To browse or access the model, there is no need to be registered in Github.
  • To create issues concerning the ESPD-EDM a GitHub registered user is needed.
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