ESP RFID Thief Versions Save

!!! Deprecated, see instead !!! The ESP-RFID-Thief is a port of the Tastic RFID Thief to the ESP12S chip with the addition of a web interface and various new features. Repository includes files for both the hardware and software.


5 years ago

See Version 1.0.1 below for legacy firmware releases.

This project has been deprecated and is being replaced by ESP-RFID-Tool, this new software has been significantly reworked to be compatible with nearly any device that has a standard Wiegand Interface.

Most features of the software for ESP-RFID-Tool will be compatible with the existing ESP-RFID-Thief open source hardware designs that I have released if someone wishes to build their own unit.

April Brother is now selling the ESP-RFID-Tool hardware for ~19.00 USD. This new hardware is also backwards compatible with the ESP-RFID-Thief software if someone prefers it over the ESP-RFID-Tool software.


New Release Page:


5 years ago

Add defines for LED_BUILTIN, DATA0, and DATA1 Improving hardware compatibility and code readability


5 years ago

Bring the project up to date with the same web interface and features found in my other ESP8266 projects


5 years ago

First draft of the software. Expect it to be brought up to speed to use the same web interface as my other ESP related projects shortly.