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Download Hack


Passwrod: 1337

How to install?

  • Download the archive

  • Unzip the archive to your desktop ( Password from the archive is 1337 )

  • Run the file

  • Launch the game

  • In-game INSERT button


  • Processor | Intel | Amd Processor |

  • Windows support | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 | 11 |

  • Build support | ALL |


  • Player Names / Showing names
  • Draw Team / ESP on your team
  • Distance Tags / Distance display
  • Health Bar / Strip of lives
  • Bounding Box / ESP in the form of a box
  • Enemy Line / Lines up to players
  • Crosshair / Crosshair
  • Skeleton / Skeleton Display
  • Aim Point / AIM point showing where to shoot better
  • Enemy Color / The color of the enemy that is not visible
  • Visible Color / The color of the opponent that is visible
  • Crosshair Size / Crosshair Size
  • Crosshair Color / Crosshair Color
  • Team Color / The color of your team
  • Explosives / Explosives display
  • Bullets / Showing ESP on bullets


  • Enable Radar / Enable/disable radar
  • Radar Box / Background for Radar
  • Radar Csoss / Grid for Radar
  • Radar Cross to center / Radar in the center of the screen
  • Radar Dot / A point in the center of the radar
  • Radar Fov / Visibility zone on the radar
  • Radar Size / Radar Size
  • Radar Dots Size / Radar Dots Size
  • Radar Border Color / Radar Background Color
  • Radar Cross Color / Radar Grid Color
  • Radar Pos X / Radar position on the X axis
  • Radar Pos Y / Radar position on the Y axis
  • Radar Scope / Setting the display scale


  • Aimbot / Enable AIM
  • Auto Aimbot / Auto AIM
  • Auto Fite / Auto Shooting
  • Visible Checks / AIM works only for those who are in the visible area
  • Switch Target / AIM does not switch to another target while it is fixed on an active target
  • Aim Lock / AIM does not switch to another target while it is fixed on an active target
  • Aiming Speeding / AIM aiming speed
  • Limit Aim Angle / Working angle of AIM
  • Auto Fire Delay / Auto Fire Delay
  • Bullet Per Shot / Adjusting the number of bullets and shells per shot (technique only)
  • Aim Key / Standard key for AIM
  • Alternative Aim Key / Additional key for AIM
  • Aim Zone (Head,Neck,,Butt,Left shoulder,Breast,Left Thigh, Right Thigh) / AIM Zone (Head,Neck,Torso,Left Shoulder,Chest,Left Thigh,Right Thigh)
  • Aiming Style (Near Crosshair,Closest Target,Lowest Health) / Aim Style (Near Crosshair,Nearest Target,Lowest Health)


  • No Input / Disabling the mouse during AIM
  • No Spread / No spread
  • No Recoil / No Recoil
  • Spread, Recoil Controller / Adjustment of these options (the smaller the parameter, the less the return and spread will be)


  • Auto Spot / Auto Mark opponents
  • Spot Through Walls / Tag opponents ignoring walls
  • Auto Eject / Automatic jumping out of equipment
  • Minimap Hack / Displaying opponents on the game mini-map
  • Auto Heal / Replenishing your health when firing a weapon or waving a knife (works automatically when turned on)
  • Magic Bullets (Shooting within a radius of 1-1.5m from the enemy, bullets will fly at him. Works only on BULLETS, including with equipment)
  • Magic Bullets Headshot / Similar to Magic Bullets, but the murders occur strictly in the head
  • Heal Bullets / When shooting at your allies, they will replenish their health
  • Teleport / Teleporting in the direction of view
  • Ping Spoof / Ping substitution on the server
  • Invisible Hack / Makes you invisible to opponents (works only with the default skin)
  • Fly Hack / The ability to fly
  • Unlimited Ammo / Infinite Ammo
  • Spotting FOV / Setting the working angle of marking opponents
  • Jet Speed Control / The speed that will be supported by the jet
  • Auto Eject (Health) / The ability to set how many percent of life, the player will automatically jump out of the equipment
  • Jet Helper Key / Set a key for the jet helper
  • Magic Bullets Key / Set a key for magic bullets
  • Teleport Key / Set a key for teleporting
  • Fly Hack Key / Set a key for flights


  • Save Setting / Saving cheat settings
  • Load Setting / Loading saved cheat settings
  • Menu Key / The ability to set your own button to open the cheat menu Free for u Check profile to see all hacks for games
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