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Entitas is a super fast Entity Component System (ECS) Framework specifically made for C# and Unity

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Entitas - The Entity Component System Framework for C# and Unity

Entitas is the most popular open-source Entity Component System Framework (ECS) and is specifically made for C# and Unity. Several design decisions have been made to work optimal in a garbage collected environment and to go easy on the garbage collector. Entitas comes with an optional code generator which radically reduces the amount of code you have to write and makes your code read like well written prose.

Why Entitas

Video Tutorials and Unity Unite Talks

Video Title Resources
Video: Entitas - Shmup - Part 2 Entitas ECS Unity Tutorial - Git & Unit Tests
Video: Entitas - Shmup - Part 1 Entitas ECS Unity Tutorial - Setup & Basics
Video: Watch the Entitas Talk at Unite Europe 2016 Unite Europe 2016: ECS architecture with Unity by example SlideShare: Unite Europe 2016
Video: Watch the Entitas Talk at Unite Europe 2015 Unite Europe 2015: Entity system architecture with Unity SlideShare: Unite Europe 2015

First glimpse

The optional code generator lets you write code that is super fast, safe and literally screams its intent.

var entity = context.CreateEntity();
using static GameMatcher;

public sealed class MoveSystem : IExecuteSystem
    readonly IGroup<GameEntity> _group;

    public MoveSystem(GameContext context)
        _group = context.GetGroup(AllOf(Position, Velocity));

    public void Execute()
        foreach (var e in _group.GetEntities())
            e.ReplacePosition(e.position.value + e.velocity.value);


Entitas is fast, light and gets rid of unnecessary complexity. There are less than a handful classes you have to know to rocket start your game or application:

  • Context
  • Entity
  • Component
  • Group
Entitas ECS

|     Context     |
|    e       e    |      +-----------+
|       e      e--|----> |  Entity   |
|  e        e     |      |-----------|
|     e  e     e  |      | Component |
| e          e    |      |           |      +-----------+
|    e     e      |      | Component-|----> | Component |
|  e    e    e    |      |           |      |-----------|
|    e    e     e |      | Component |      |   Data    |
+-----------------+      +-----------+      +-----------+
  |     +-------------+  Groups:
  |     |      e      |  Subsets of entities in the context
  |     |   e     e   |  for blazing fast querying
  +---> |        +------------+
        |     e  |    |       |
        |  e     | e  |  e    |
        +--------|----+    e  |
                 |     e      |
                 |  e     e   |


Code Generator

The Code Generator generates classes and methods for you, so you can focus on getting the job done. It radically reduces the amount of code you have to write and improves readability by a huge magnitude. It makes your code less error-prone while ensuring best performance.


Unity integration

The optional Unity module "Visual Debugging" integrates Entitas nicely into Unity and provides powerful editor extensions to inspect and debug contexts, groups, entities, components and systems.


Entitas.Unity MenuItems
Entitas.Unity.VisualDebugging Entity Entitas.Unity.VisualDebugging Systems

Entitas deep dive

Read the wiki or checkout the example projects to see Entitas in action. These example projects illustrate how systems, groups, collectors and entities all play together seamlessly.

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» Video Tutorials and Unity Unite Talks

» Wiki and example projects

» Ask a question

Download and setup Entitas

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Entitas and all dependencies are available as NuGet packages. More detailed explanation coming soon.

Unity Asset Store (deprecated)

Entitas on the Unity Asset Store is deprecated and will not be updated anymore. The last version available on the Asset Store is 1.12.3 and is free to download. Please see discussion Entitas turns 7 - and is FREE now

Thanks to

Big shout out to @mzaks, @cloudjubei and @devboy for endless hours of discussion and helping making Entitas awesome!


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