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Enhanced Screenshot Notification (Nevolution Decorator)


4 years ago

Release Note

  • New Preview Mode: Arisu Mode (Support 8.0-; Action Gestures)
  • Recognize Barcode in screenshots
  • Add "Support us" & "Donate" dialog
  • Add Privacy Policy & Telegram Group links


4 years ago

Releases Note

  • Add "Feedback" & "Help" menu
  • Update UI
  • Fix cannot open settings from Nevolution


4 years ago

Releases Note

  • Improve experience of floating preview window
  • Now we show a very low priority notification for previewing screenshot


4 years ago

Release Note

This version is for repairing an important bug.

  • Now it won't modify all notifications from System UI, which cause some serious bug.
  • Improve UX


4 years ago

Release Note

  • Support Android P
  • New feature: Preview screenshot in floating window


4 years ago

Release Note

  • Sorry for Android 7.0 users. Now min sdk downgrade to 24!
  • Solved "Screenshot notification wouldn't dismiss after deleting" (Requires Nevolution 2.0.0 alpha 9 or newer)
  • Add feature: Actions after sharing (None/Dismiss notification/Delete file)
  • Consistent dialog user interface
  • Fix: some apps didn't show up in preferred editor chooser.


  • Now we require WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to delete screenshots. Please re-grant storage permission for this app in order to work better.


4 years ago

Release Notes

New features

  • New Logo!
  • Custom formats for edit action text
  • Show total screenshots count
  • Show new screenshot's details


  • Add notification settings (8.0+)
  • Show home when entering from app details / Nevolution

Known issues

  • Cannot dismiss notification as intended after sharing/deleting. Waiting for Nevolution's solution.


4 years ago
  • Enabled minify proguard
  • Add OnePlus screenshot package
  • Add settings entry in Nevolution
  • Auto collapse notification panel after deleting screenshot

Known issue:

  • Cannot dismiss notification after deleting screenshot. Waiting for Nevolution's solution.


4 years ago
  • Add settings interface
  • Detect if "Nevolution" app is installed
  • Add Chinese translation


4 years ago
  • Initial release