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English Community Self Background Management System

Based laravel 5.2 framework, interfaces safe to use jwt (json web token), for video data management background, and provides an interface to the app api calls. Video tutorial module, grammar manual module, the user module, the community module.




  • Nginx 1.8+ / Apache 2.2+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Mysql 5.7+
  • fileinfo Extension

Installation & Homestead

1.Cloning into the local project

git clone https://github.com/6ag/EnglishCommunity-laravel.git

2.Build homestead website

Use homestead New Site, and parse public domain name to the project directory. First, enter the virtual machine environment, the new site:

  • Note: * This is the path to the directory to write their own installation, and ultimately resolve to public directory can be, do not forget to modify the local hosts file and restart nginx.
serve www.english.com /home/vagrant/Code/EnglishCommunity-laravel/public

3.Setup project dependencies

composer install

4.Copy Environment Profile

Copy .env environment configuration file, and modify database configuration information.

cp .env.example .env

5.Create table

Before creating the data table, make sure .env file database is configured correctly and the database already exists.

php artisan migrate

6.Seed data

Add categories data and information administrators. normal administrator account is admin and password is 123456 .

php artisan db:seed

7.Login to dashboard

Access http://www.english.com/ ,Using an administrator account to log on.


MIT license © 六阿哥

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