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The most scalable open-source MQTT broker for IoT, IIoT, and connected vehicles

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EMQX is the world's most scalable open-source MQTT broker with a high performance that connects 100M+ IoT devices in 1 cluster, while maintaining 1M message per second throughput and sub-millisecond latency.

EMQX supports multiple open standard protocols like MQTT, HTTP, QUIC, and WebSocket. It’s 100% compliant with MQTT 5.0 and 3.x standard, and secures bi-directional communication with MQTT over TLS/SSL and various authentication mechanisms.

With the built-in powerful SQL-based rules engine, EMQX can extract, filter, enrich and transform IoT data in real-time. In addition, it ensures high availability and horizontal scalability with a masterless distributed architecture, and provides ops-friendly user experience and great observability.

EMQX boasts more than 20K+ enterprise users across 50+ countries and regions, connecting 100M+ IoT devices worldwide, and is trusted by over 400 customers in mission-critical scenarios of IoT, IIoT, connected vehicles, and more, including over 70 Fortune 500 companies like HPE, VMware, Verifone, SAIC Volkswagen, and Ericsson.

For more information, please visit EMQX homepage.

Get Started

EMQX Cloud

The simplest way to set up EMQX is to create a managed deployment with EMQX Cloud. You can try EMQX Cloud for free, no credit card required.

Run EMQX using Docker

docker run -d --name emqx -p 1883:1883 -p 8083:8083 -p 8084:8084 -p 8883:8883 -p 18083:18083 emqx/emqx:latest

Next, please follow the getting started guide to tour the EMQX features.

Run EMQX cluster on kubernetes

For details: EMQX Operator.

More installation options

If you prefer to install and manage EMQX yourself, you can download the latest version from www.emqx.io/downloads.

For more installation options, see the EMQX installation documentation.


The EMQX documentation is available at www.emqx.io/docs/en/latest/.

The EMQX Enterprise documentation is available at docs.emqx.com/en/.


Please see our contributing.md.

For more organised improvement proposals, you can send pull requests to EIP.

Get Involved


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Build From Source

The master branch is for the latest version 5 release, checkout main-v4.4 for version 4.4.

EMQX requires OTP 24 for 4.4, 5.0 can be built with OTP 24 or 25.

git clone https://github.com/emqx/emqx.git
cd emqx
_build/emqx/rel/emqx/bin/emqx console

For 4.2 or earlier versions, release has to be built from another repo.

git clone https://github.com/emqx/emqx-rel.git
cd emqx-rel
_build/emqx/rel/emqx/bin/emqx console



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