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Emmet CSS completions for Sublime Text

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Emmet CSS Snippets for Sublime Text

This is an alternative for Emmet. If you only need the Emmet CSS completions feature or you get trouble with Emmet, try this one.

Install via Package Control.

Cheat Sheet


  • Works with default CSS package, LESS, and Syntax Highlighting for Sass
  • Two versions: has-Prefix or no-Prefix
  • Smart completion rule: propery snippes will no longer popup when you typing propery values
  • Pseudo class completions
  • Extra propery value completions


If you intend to use snippets with no prefix, add has-Prefix into the ignored_packages list of your settings file. The other way round, if you intend to use snippets with prefix, add no-Prefix into the ignored_packages list. (If you know a better way to do this please please let me know.)



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