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This is an ember-paper addon that provides an implementation of material steppers.


An example usage:

{{#paper-stepper currentStep=currentStep onStepChange=(action (mut currentStep))
  onStepperCompleted=(action "saveModel") as |stepper|}}

  {{#stepper.step label="Select how it looks" as |step|}}
      {{!-- Content here. Probably some form. --}}
    {{#step.actions as |nextStep previousStep goTo|}}
      {{#paper-button primary=true raised=true onClick=(action nextStep)}}
      {{#paper-button onClick=(action previousStep)}}
      {{#paper-button onClick=(action goTo 0)}}
        Start from the beginning

  {{!-- add as many steps as necessary --}}



You can see how this addon looks like at https://coachlogix.github.io/ember-paper-stepper/


ember install ember-paper-stepper

Don't forget to import your styles in your app.scss after importing ember paper styles:

@import "ember-paper";
@import "ember-paper-stepper";


{{#paper-stepper as |stepper|}}

  • currentStep - defaults to 0 - this is the 0-indexed number of the current active step. Use this together with onStepChange to update steps.
  • vertical - defaults to false - this toggles the stepper between vertical and horizontal modes.
  • linear - defaults to true - if true, the user must pass through all the steps in a "linear" fashion. If false, the user is able to click on the steps at will, not following any particular order.
  • alternative - if true, the stepper will show an alternative form of the horizontal stepper detailed in the spec. Only works when vertical is falsy.
  • mobileStepper - if true, an horizontal stepper will turn into a mobile stepper if viewport width is below 599px.
  • onStepChange - an action that is sent when a nextStep, previousStep or header button is pressed. Use this together with currentStep to update steps.
  • onStepperCompleted - an action that is sent when a nextStep button is pressed on the last step.

This component yields a hash that contains a step component which you can use to define multiple steps.

{{#stepper.step as |step|}}

  • label - the label to display on the header buttons.
  • optional - if true, an optional styling and label are rendered on the respective step header button.
  • optionalLabel - defaults to 'Optional' - this is the text that is rendered when optional is true.
  • error - Set this property to a string containing an error message. Use this property to
    1. user an error style on the respective header buttons to an error style
    2. display an error message on the respective header button
  • summary - you can specify a summary for each step. This text will be displayed next to the step number. It is useful to remember the user what has been selected in previous steps. This will take precedence over the optional option.
  • stepNumber - this property is automatically assigned by the parent stepper based on the rendering order. For most use cases you won't need this property and the default behavior is enough. However, in some cases you may want to insert some steps dynamically in the middle of the steps. This makes sure that the steps are ordered when rendered. You don't need to specify sequencial numbers. You can use, for example, steps with stepNumbers 1, 8 and 10. They will be rendered in the correct order.

This component yields a hash that contains a body and an actions component which you can use to define multiple the content of the step.

The hash also contains nexStep, previousStep and goTo actions to be used separately.


Use this component to render your content with the correct styles/markup.

{{#step.actions as |nextStep previousStep goTo|}}

This component yields three actions: nextStep, previousStep and goTo. You can use those actions in any way you prefer. They work perfectly using ember-paper's paper-button like: {{#paper-button onClick=(action goTo 0)


This addon was inspired by material-steppers project.


Running Tests

  • npm test (Runs ember try:each to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.

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