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Example Elm application with push state navigation

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Example Elm app with push state navigation

This example application shows how to use push state navigation in Elm.



A server that matches any route and return the Elm application. For example when hitting / or /users/ or /users/1 the server needs to return the same html.

In this example I'm using elm-live --pushstate which does this automatically.


  • A message to change the location e.g. ChangeLocation String
  • A message to react to location changes e.g. OnLocationChange Navigation.Location
  • Is a good practice to provide links with a proper href. This allows users to copy the link and open a page in a new tap/window.
  • Links should trigger a message to change the location when clicked, e.g. ChangeLocation "/users"
  • But we need to prevent the default browser behaviour when clicked. The default behaviour is to load a new page. We want to navigate via the Navigation package instead.
  • Allow for using cmd or control click to open a link in a new tab

Change the browser location using Navigation.newUrl instead of a normal link. newUrl creates a new history entry via pushState.

See commented example.


yarn start

Open http://localhost:8000/

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