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Visually explore package and module dependencies for an Elm project

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Visually explore package and module dependencies for an Elm project.


Explore dependency graphs for these Elm projects:


  1. Generate a module-graph.json file for your Elm project with the Python script in this repository.

    To generate this file, first save the script, elm-module-graph.py, locally. Execute it, passing it the file path to either an Elm module or an elm-package.json.

    ./elm-module-graph.py project/src/Main.elm


    ./elm-module-graph.py library/elm-package.json

    By default it writes to a file in the current working directory named module-graph.json, but you can specify a different output location with the --output option.

  2. Provide that file to this page: elm-module-graph.


The page displays two graph diagrams. Nodes are vertically sorted so that for each connection the lower node depends on the higher node.

In the Packages graph, clicking a package name will toggle its modules in and out of the Modules graph. In the Modules graph, clicking a module name will highlight the subgraph it's connected to; the nodes are then colored based on distance from the selected module.

Graph diagrams are drawn using justinmimbs/elm-arc-diagram.

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