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        ___     _,.--.,_         Elephant.io is a rough websocket client
      .-~   ~--"~-.   ._ "-.     written in PHP. Its goal is to ease the
     /      ./_    Y    "-. \    communications between your PHP Application and
    Y       :~     !         Y   a real-time server.
    lq p    |     /         .|
 _   \. .-, l    /          |j   Requires PHP 5.4 and openssl, licensed under
()\___) |/   \_/";          !    the MIT License.
 \._____.-~\  .  ~\.      ./
            Y_ Y_. "vr"~  T      Built-in Engines :
            (  (    |L    j      - Socket.io 2.x
            [nn[nn..][nn..]      - Socket.io 1.x
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    - Socket.io 0.x (courtesy of @kbu1564)


As this lib is not used anymore by the maintainers, the support has sadly been dropped. But rejoice, as a new repo is now maintained in its own organization : https://github.com/ElephantIO/elephant.io ! :)


We are suggesting you to use composer, with the following : php composer.phar require wisembly/elephant.io. For other ways, you can check the release page, or the git clone urls.


The docs are not written yet, but you should check the example directory to get a basic knowledge on how this library is meant to work.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to Mark Karpeles who helped the project founder to understand the way websockets works.

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