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eix can access Gentoo portage ebuild information and description very quickly (using a local cache). It can also be used to access information on installed packages, local settings, and local and external overlays, and informs about changes in the tree

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eix is a tool for the Gentoo Linux portage system. It uses indexing to allow quick searches through the package tree. Some reasons for using eix:

  • Fast indexing and searching
  • Highly configurable output-format (with its own "language")
  • Provides more information than most other search utilities (e.g. shows every available version, USE flags of available and emerged versions, ...)
  • Shows stability/mask status of versions and how your local settings change it
  • Helps you to manage your local /etc/portage/package.* settings in several ways (e.g. by finding "obsolete" entries by various criteria)
  • Can import eix-files from other systems, e.g. to get a catalogue of overlays
  • Cli with logical AND/OR (and braces), multiple matching algorithms (i.e. fuzzy search using levenshtein distance) and more

eix is in the portage tree, so you can simply install it with

emerge app-portage/eix

The most current version of eix is always available as "HEAD" in the git master branch. To get this version, emerge dev-vcs/git and then use the command

git clone git://github.com/vaeth/eix

For bugreports, please use the GitHub or the Gentoo bug system. If you want to reach the current maintainer, please use email.

Best regards .. your code monkeys :)

Other search-utils

  • emerge -s|-S
  • qsearch (app-portage/portage-utils)
  • esearch (app-portage/esearch)
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