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A dead-simple configuration management tool powered by stupid shell scripts.


2 years ago

This release of Efs2 is more to solidify on the new versioning following Go mod best practices. This release also adds some new features.

  • Passphrase support for SSH Keys
  • Password-based authentication support
  • RUN is now just RUN; however, RUN CMD and RUN SCRIPT are still supported but undocumented
  • A Quiet flag is now included to suppress output

In addition to the above, some internal code clean up made the Efs2 codebase a bit cleaner.


5 years ago

Initial Release:

  • Supports the PUT and RUN [CMD|SCRIPT] instructions.
  • Parallel Execution through the -p or --parallel flags.
  • Custom SSH User and Port via command line flags.
  • Define specific SSH Keyfile.