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Legacy editor for writing books using GitBook (for Windows, Mac and Linux)

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:warning: New version of the editor available at https://www.gitbook.com/editor

GitBook Editor

This application is a simple editor for writing books. It's available for Windows, Linux (32 and 64bits) and Mac.


How to install it?

Download it from https://github.com/GitbookIO/editor-legacy/releases.

How to install it on Mac:

  1. Download gitbook-mac.dmg
  2. Open the file
  3. Copy the Codebox application to your mac's Applications folder
  4. Open it and start working

How to install it on Linux:

  1. Download gitbook-linux32.tar.gz
  2. Extract it using: tar -xvzf gitbook-linux32.tar.gz
  3. Run the installation script cd GitBook && ./install.sh
  4. There is now a shortcut on your desktop
  5. Open it and start working

How to install it on Windows:

  1. Download gitbook-win.zip
  2. Extract it using a ZIP tool
  3. Copy the GitBook folder to your desktop
  4. Open GitBook.exe and start working

How to test it for development?

nw is an alias for node-webkit (version > 0.10.0).

$ npm install .
$ grunt build
$ nw ./ --remote-debugging-port=9222
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