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This is the repository for Microsoft Edge documentation hosted at https://docs.microsoft.com/microsoft-edge.

If you want to include new coverage or have feedback, consider contributing. You may edit the existing content, add new content, or create new issues. The Microsoft Edge team reviews a look at your suggestions and works to incorporate the suggestions into the docs.

Find the data for the Status webpage at: https://github.com/MicrosoftEdge/Status. The Status webpage provides the latest implementation status and future plans for web platform features in Microsoft Edge.


  • When adding a webpage, you must add an entry for it in toc.md for it to appear.
  • A directory may contain more directories or readme.mds
  • Folder/directory names are dash-separated (for example, f12-tools) and lowercase. Directories are used in URLs on the docs.microsoft.com site. Avoid using underscores, PascalCase, or camelCase.

Other text elements

These other text elements have styling available:

  • Unordered lists
  • Have regular bullets
    • You may also nest bullets.
    • Bullets lists should have more than one entry.
  • Standard arrangement
  1. Ordered lists.
  2. Use regular western-style numbering.
  3. Should be used only when a list truly has order.

Horizontal rules are available. Use horizontal rules sparingly to reduce clutter.
Avoid using horizontal rules with heading tags; some headings already use line styles for visual hierarchy.

Displaying code

You may use inline code markdown syntax (with the backticks).

Or you may display blocks of code. The following code snippet is a css example.

body {
    background: #fff;


You may use headers on tables
Left-aligned Unless a # 456
Text value More text $0.00


Use notes sparingly. The blocks are designed to highlight "don't-miss-it" information.

Four different versions of notes are currently styled.

  • NOTE
  • TIP

Respectively, the notes look like the following code snippets.

> [!NOTE]
> This is a NOTE  
> This is a WARNING  
> [!TIP]
> This is a TIP  
> This is IMPORTANT  

Note patterns

For multi-line blockquote notes, use a greater-than (>) character in front of each line of the notes as displayed in the following example.

> This is a line in a blockquote.  
> My text may wrap to more than one line when the markdown is parsed, but I must include all my information within a single \(sometimes very long line\) in the markdown.  
> This is another line in a blockquote.  


Images should be stored in a media directory and referenced with a relative path using image script.

:::image type="complex" source="./media/notes.png" alt-text="Note patterns" lightbox="./media/notes.png":::
   Note patterns  
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