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Showcasing the decoupling powers of ECS and DI in game dev

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Entity Component System and Dependency Injection Gone Wild

Showcasing the decoupling powers of ECS and DI in game dev

This is an example of using Dependency Injection and an Entity Component System to allow shared game logic that can then be run with multiple frameworks just by adding some glue code.

The game is a basic and barebones version of Arkanoid, Breakout, or Brick Breaker.

The 5 frameworks that this is running on is:

  • Phaser 3
  • Pixi
  • Kontra
  • React
  • Three

Getting Started

This project uses Vite.js and has 5 entry points. The main one (index.html) is for Phaser 3 then each additional framework has its own HTML page.

Clone the repository and run:

npm run dev

Head over to http://localhost:3000 to see the Phaser 3 game running. Visit the other HTML pages to see the others.

You'll notice that making any change in the the game logic located in the src/game folder will be reflected in all versions unless a version has overrode a container binding.


MIT License

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