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Eclipse GlassFish is a Jakarta EE compatible implementation sponsored by the Eclipse Foundation.


  • Eclipse GlassFish 7.0.0 is Jakarta EE 10 compatible, requires Java 11, supports Java 17 and Java 18
  • Eclipse GlassFish 6.2.0 is Jakarta EE 9.1 compatible, requires Java 11, supports Java 17
  • Eclipse GlassFish 6.1.0 is Jakarta EE 9.1 compatible, requires Java 11
  • Eclipse GlassFish 6.0.0 is Jakarta EE 9 compatible, requires Java 8
  • Eclipse GlassFish 5.1.0 is Java EE 8 and Jakarta EE 8 compatible, requires Java 8


The Zip distributions can be found on following paths:

  • appserver/distributions/glassfish/target/ (Full Profile)
  • appserver/distributions/web/target/ (Web Profile)



  • JDK11+, we strongly recommend using JDK17 to build GlassFish with all features.
  • Maven 3.6.0+


  • mvn clean install - Full build including automatic QA and maven managed tests. Typical time: 5 minutes.
  • mvn clean install -Pfast - Building all distribution artifacts, running just unit tests, QA and integration tests excluded. Typical time: 3 minutes.
  • mvn clean install -Pfastest - Building all distribution artifacts, excluded all QA and testing. Typical time: 1.5 minutes.

You can use also some maven optimizations, ie. using -T4C to allow parallel build.

If you want to see more logs you can use the -Dtest.logLevel=FINEST option set to an appropriate log level. Note that this applies just for tests which are executed by Maven and which use the GlassFish Java Util Logging Extension (GJULE).

Special Profiles

  • staging - In some development stages may happen that some dependencies are available just in OSSRH staging repository. Then you have to use this profile, which is not enabled by default.
  • jacoco - enables the JaCoCo agent in tests, so you can import it's output to you editor, ie. Eclipse, and see the code coverage.
  • jacoco-merge - merges all JaCoCo output files found in subdirectories and merges them into one. It is useful to see code which wasn't even touched by tests.

Special Scripts

  • ./ 6.99.99.experimental - useful for custom distributions, so you can avoid conflicts with version in master branch.
  • ./ [testBlockName] [?glassfishVersion] - useful to run old additional tests locally
  • ./ - uses the bnd command to check OSGI dependencies in all target directories

Additional Testing

After building the GlassFish distribution artifacts you can execute also additional tests managed by bash scripts. They are quite old and have high technical debt, but at this moment they still provide useful service.


mvn -f appserver/tests/quicklook/pom.xml test -Dglassfish.home=$(pwd)/appserver/distributions/glassfish/target/stage/glassfish7/glassfish

Old Additional Tests

:warning: If the script fails, sometimes it doesn't stop the domain and you have to do that manually.

:warning: Some of the scripts do inplace filtering or generate other sources which remain and later affect next executions. You have to remove those changes manually.

  • ./ batch_all - Usual time: 1 minute

  • ./ cdi_all - Usual time: 6 minutes

  • ./ connector_group_1 - Usual time: 16 minutes

  • ./ connector_group_2 - Usual time: 3 minutes

  • ./ connector_group_3 - Usual time: 4 minutes

  • ./ connector_group_4 - Usual time: 16 minutes

  • ./ deployment_all - Usual time: 8 minutes

  • ./ ejb_group_1 - Usual time: 10 minutes

  • ./ ejb_group_2 - Usual time: 7 minutes

  • ./ ejb_group_3 - Usual time: 18 minutes

  • ./ ejb_group_embedded - Usual time: 4 minutes

  • ./ ejb_group_all - Usual time: 4 minutes

  • ./ jdbc_all - Usual time: 20 minutes

  • ./ naming_all - Usual time: 2 minutes

  • ./ persistence_all - Usual time: 3 minutes

  • ./ security_all - Usual time: 8 minutes

  • ./ web_jsp - Usual time: 8 minutes

  • ./ webservice_all - Usual time: 10 minutes

  • ./ archive_bundles && ./ ejb_web_all - Usual time: 4 minutes

  • ./ archive_bundles && ./ ql_gf_web_profile_all - Usual time: 2 minutes

  • ./ archive_bundles && ./ ql_gf_full_profile_all - Usual time: 4 minutes

  • many tests under appserver/tests subdirectories; they are still waiting for someone's attention.

Basic Usage

  • Starting Eclipse GlassFish: glassfish7/bin/asadmin start-domain
  • Visit http://localhost:4848
  • Stopping Eclipse GlassFish: glassfish7/bin/asadmin stop-domain

Professional Services and Enterprise Support

This section is dedicated to companies offering products and services around Eclipse GlassFish.

The Eclipse GlassFish project does not endorse or recommend any of the companies on this page. We love all our supporters equally.

Professional Services and Enterprise support are available through following companies:

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