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EC2 Gaming on macOS with Steam In-Home Streaming

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ec2gaming - EC2 Gaming on macOS

Provides command line tools that makes gaming on EC2 simple and reliable. Includes steps to create an AMI that requires no intervention on startup, allows Steam remote installs and minimizes the amount of time game installs take.

Full documentation is available on the wiki. Based on Larry Gadea's excellent work.

Before you begin

Follow the first time configuration steps. They help you setup the tools, and streamline creation of your personalized AMI.


  • Run ec2gaming start. The instance, VPN and Steam will automatically start
  • Wait for the notification that the remote gaming host is available for home streaming
  • Enjoy!
  • When you're done, run ec2gaming stop


The original blog posts and the cloudygamer subreddit are great resources:

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