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Ebean ORM for Java & Kotlin

Multiple abstraction levels: Ebean provides multiple levels of query abstraction ORM Queries, mixed with SQL, DTO Queries, SqlQuery and JDBC. Work at the highest level of abstraction and drop down levels as needed.

Database migrations: Built in DB migration generation and running. Support for "rebase" migrations as well as repeatable, init and 'normal' migrations.

Awesome SQL: Ebean produces SQL that you would hand craft yourself. Use great SQL, never generate SQL cartesian product, always honor relational limit/offset.

Automated query tuning: For ORM queries Ebean can profile the object graph being used and either automatically tune the query.

Docker test containers: Docker test containers for all the supported databases. Get 100% test coverage on all the features of the database we use.

Type safe queries: We can build queries using type safe query beans. IDE auto-complete when writing queries, compile time checking and it's FUN.

Performance isn't optional: Optimise queries to only fetch what we need (partial objects). Automatically avoid N+1 via a smart load context.

Benefits of ORM

  • Automatically avoid N+1
  • L2 caching to reduce database load
  • Queries mixing database and L2 cache
  • Automatically tune ORM queries
  • Elasticsearch for search or L3 cache


Need help?

Post questions or issues to the Ebean google group or github discussions


Goto https://ebean.io/docs/

Maven central

Maven central - g:io.ebean

Building Ebean from source

  • JDK 11 or higher installed
  • Maven installed
  • git clone [email protected]:ebean-orm/ebean.git
  • mvn clean install

Ebean 13 uses Java modules with module-info. This means that there are stricter compilation rules in place now than when building with classpath pre version 13.

For Maven Surefire testing we use <surefire.useModulePath>false</surefire.useModulePath> such that tests run using classpath and not module-path. We are doing this until all the tooling (Maven, IDE) improves in the area of testing with module-info.

Eclipse IDE

Right now we can't use Eclipse IDE to build Ebean and run its tests due to its poor support for java modules. See ebean/issues/2653

The current recommendation is to use IntelliJ IDEA as the IDE to build and hack Ebean.

IntelliJ IDEA

We want to get IntelliJ to run tests using classpath similar to Maven Surefire. To do this set: JUnit -> modify options -> Do not use module-path option

To set this option as the global default for IntelliJ use:

Run - Edit Configurations -> Edit configuration templates -> JUnit -> modify options - Do not use module-path option


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