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A JavaScript implementation of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer

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DX7 Synth JS

DX7 FM synthesis using the Web Audio and Web MIDI API. Works in Chrome and Firefox. Use a MIDI or QWERTY keyboard to play the synth.

Live demo of DX7 Synth JS

This is a high-level emulation of DX7 using FM synthesis principles. It's not super accurate, but good enough to produce most DX7 presets. Stereo panning has been added to the operators.


  1. QWERTY keys to play notes
  2. Space bar panic (all notes off)
  3. Control hold down to increase QWERTY velocity
  4. Mouse wheel over knobs and sliders to increase/decrease value
  5. Click or touch and drag up/down on knobs and sliders to increase/decrease value
  6. Arrow up/down on knobs and sliders to increase/decrease value
  7. Tab moves between controls

Many thanks to:

  • John Chowning and Yamaha
  • Sean Bolton, author of Hexter, a DSSI DX7 modeler
  • Phil Cowans, author of Javascript-DX7 music hackday prototype https://github.com/philcowans/Javascript-DX7
  • Jamie Bullock, Ewan Macpherson, and other independent engineers who provided specs about the DX7/TX7 implementation
  • Propellerhead Software, for the PX7 Reason Rack Extension
  • Native Instruments, for the FM7 and FM8 VSTi software instruments
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