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dwm-inpsired tiling pane management for tmux

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dwm-inspired tiling pane management for Tmux.


dwm.tmux requires tmux > 3.2.


To install, use the provided Makefile:

git clone https://github.com/saysjonathan/dwm.tmux.git
cd dwm.tmux

By default dwm.tmux uses /usr/local as it's prefix. To change the prefix:


Ensure that $PREFIX/bin is in your PATH.


To use, source the dwm.tmux tmux config:

echo 'source-file /usr/local/lib/dwm.tmux' >> $HOME/.tmux.conf


dwm.tmux defines the following command aliases, each with a default keybinding:

  • newpane Meta-n Create a new pane and place it in the Main pane
  • newpanecurdir Meta-w Create a new pane starting in the same directory and place it in the Main pane
  • killpane Meta-c Close the current pane. If the pane is in the Main pane, close the pane and promote the first pane in the stack to the Main pane
  • nextpane Meta-j Select the next pane (clockwise)
  • prevpane Meta-k Select the previous pane (counterclockwise)
  • rotateccw Meta-< Rotate panes counterclockwise
  • rotatecw Meta-> Rotate panes clockwise
  • layouttile Meta-t Refresh layout (return to Main and Stack setup)
  • zoom Meta-Enter Place select pane in the Main pane
  • float Meta-Space Switch pane to floating fullscreen
  • decmfact Meta-h Decrease the main pane space factor
  • incmfact Meta-l Increase the main pane space factor
  • window[0-9] Meta-[0-9] Select the target window by ID

Also defined are environment variables to tweak behavior:

  • mfact Main pane space factor, the size of the main pane as a percentage of total window size
  • killlast If value is greater than 0, kill pane even if its the last pane in a window


Keybindings and default values can be set in a configuration file:

setenv -g killlast 1 # kill pane even if it's the last
bind -n M-q killpane
bind -n M-t newpanecurdir

Customizations should be added after the source-file command which loads dwm.tmux.


Similar to dwm, windows are always organised as follows:

|                 |        S1        | 
|                 |==================
|      M(0)       |        S2        | 
|                 |==================
|                 |        S3        | 

A large Main pane is placed on the left side of the screen while a stack of smaller panes is placed on the right. The Main pane is always pane 0, while the stack of panes is numbered sequentially in ascending order.

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