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In iOS7 Apple introduced new face features detection to the CIDetecor.

CIDetectorEyeBlink, CIDetectorSmile

Ever since i was wondering if i could "feed" it streaming video and maybe make NEW kind of gestures- facial gestures.


Using cocoapods:

pod 'DSFacialGestureDetector'

or import all the files under the Detector directory to your project.


In your view controler:

  1. #import <DSFacialGestureDetector/DSFacialGesturesDetector.h>

  2. implement: <DSFacialDetectorDelegate>

  3. init:

self.facialGesturesDetector = [DSFacialGesturesDetector new];
self.facialGesturesDetector.delegate = self;
self.facialGesturesDetector.cameraPreviewView = self.cameraPreview;
NSError *error;
[self.facialGesturesDetector startDetection:&error];

See also example project.

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