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Editing tools and documentation files for the Dark Souls 1 event scripts.

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Editing tools and documentation files for FROM Software event scripts. Supported games are Dark Souls 1 PTDE, Dark Souls 1: Remastered, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3.

For event script mod developers:

  • EventScriptResources contains JSON versions of common.emedf, either based on an extant file (for DS1, DS1R and BB) or manually re-created (DS3). Also contains an easier-to-read text version, generated using the tool's -j flag.
  • documentation contains format specifications for the ELD, EVD and EDF formats.

For event script mod developers & Dark Souls technical enthusiasts:

  • Unpacked Emevd contains numerical and verbose unpacked versions of all the vanilla DS1PTDE .emevd files. These include the "dummy" area files m##.emevd which rarely contains any scripts and never run. The verbose versions are included so that those who do not wish to unpack the files themselves but still examine them may do so.
  • Unpacked Emeld contains unpacked versions of the vanilla DS1PTDE .emeld event description files. These files are not loaded by the vanilla game, but are useful for determining the purpose of existing events.

Usage Instructions:

A valid Python 3 installation is needed to use these scripts directly. However, a PyInstaller .exe version of the emevd unpacker/repacker and the emeld unpacker/repacker is provided for standalone use. Both the .py and .exe versions of EventScriptTool require the EventScriptResources directory so that they can read the JSON versions of the emedf file.

  • To unpack .emeld files (although I have put unpacked versions in Unpacked Emeld), download and use EventNameTool.exe in a command line..
  • To unpack, repack, and generate both numeric and verbose versions of .emevd files, download and use EventScriptTool.exe in a command line.
  • For both of these, use the -h flag for a short summary of the flags and arguments.

If you are not on Windows, the entry point for EventNameTool.exe is unpack_eld.py and the entry point for EventScriptTool.exe is emevd_rebuilder.py.

Thanks to AinTunez, Elissa, Lance, Meowmaritus, Pavuk, TKGP, and others for suggestions, testing and developement help.

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