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Game Theory

Class site for a third year Game Theory course taught at Cardiff University.

Official attributes:

  • Level 6 UG Degree Module
  • Spring Semester
  • 10 Credits

Outline description of course

This module introduces students to the mathematical study of multiple interactive agent decision making. This is an introduction to Game Theory using programming through notions such as Nash Equilibria and Evolutionary Game Theory. Students will learn Game Theory in an active way through role playing and student-led activities.

# Upon completion of this course a student should be able to

  • represent games in both Extensive Form and Normal Form.
  • understand concepts linked to mixed strategies.
  • identify best responses.
  • compute dominant strategies.
  • define and compute Nash Equilibria (both manually and using software).
  • model emergence of cooperation (both manually and using software).
  • understand concepts of Evolutionary Game Theory
  • compute evolutionary Stable Strategies (both manually and using software).
  • model finite population evolutionary games (both manually and using software).

Syllabus content

  • Representations and basic concepts.
  • Analysing behaviour in static settings.
  • Further analysis of extensive form games.
  • Repeated games.
  • Evolutionary Game Theory.
  • Modern research topics

# Assessment

  • An individual coursework software assessment: 40%
  • A group coursework with a presentation + paper: 60%
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