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A JavaScript plugin for creating beautiful, accessible, and painless custom dropdowns.


6 years ago

v2.1.8 (2016-04-24)

Full Changelog

Fixed bugs:

  • Disabled state isn't relayed to the screen reader #324
  • Empty select causes crash #315
  • Trigering change event fails on Internet Explorer #314

Closed issues:

  • Demo Page #320
  • DropKick errors out when not mounted on mobile. #318
  • Using DropKick with form validation. #313
  • Select option programattically #312
  • Dropkick exclude "option selected" value within drop down #309
  • IE11 Issue: Change event. #321
  • add() method messes with selection #317
  • IE/Edge Scrollbar outside the Dropkick box #316
  • Write tests for #310 #311
  • mobile: true in the Doc but not in the API #306
  • DK always expanded down on IE #301

Merged pull requests:


7 years ago

What changed?

Due to a gulp bug the polyfills were not being concatenated into the minified builds. It is highly recommended that you upgrade dropkick.


7 years ago

Thanks to @spoonben you now have the option to bubble change events: https://github.com/Robdel12/DropKick/pull/302


7 years ago

What's new?

  • CommonJS support thanks to @jimf!
  • Wordpress Plugin thanks to @mahfuzul
  • Removed pointless bower version from bower.json thanks to @kkirsche


7 years ago

What changed?

We made massive improvements to the documentation in the code and our docs page. We plan on continuing improving the docs!

We also fixed all reported IE bugs. Open an issue if you see any more of these pop up.

Change log:


  • Changelog
  • YUIDoc for doc generating
  • Custom theme for YUIDoc


  • File location for dropkick.js. Used to be in root, now it lives in the lib folder
  • File location for dropkick.css. Used to be in css, now it lives in the lib/css folder
  • The way we handle our polyfills and build process changed.
  • Fixed customevent issues in all versions of IE Commit
  • Fixed nodeName of null error for issue #282 Commit
  • Fixed issue with e.offsetTop for issue #289 Commit


7 years ago

What is this?

This is a small fix related to the DK cache. If you destroy the dk it still holds on to the uid, which will cause the loop to fail and bust DK. Related commit: https://github.com/Robdel12/DropKick/commit/52f129c8e7e87939abdcec9ad1037997b828f0ad


7 years ago

What changed?

  • We changed the way the open method works slightly. These changes are related to #271 where you can see the commits
  • We also changed the way we handle DropKick when mobile: false is set. This is related to TypeError: undefined is not an object on iOS downstream for Ember-Dropkick, but very much applies to DropKick itself.


7 years ago

What changed?

  • #269 Fix dropdown style in IE9+


8 years ago

Important Information

In DropKick 2.1 we moved the plugins and polyfill into dropkick. If you're including these on any of your projects you should remove them.

What's changed?

  • #249 remove trailing comma that caused issues in IE
  • Trigger 'change' event on select element
  • #253 <select> inside a <label>
  • #252 Method select(string, disabled) doesn't select/return element matching string v. 2.0.2
  • #244 Select with no options causes TypeError: Cannot read property 'text' of undefined
  • #257 Manual trigger of change()
  • #234 Bug when hovering options then using the arrow keys
  • #267 IE8-11 drop downs always open with "dk-option-open-down"


8 years ago

What's different?

  • #239 jQuery no conflict
  • select now works with a value
  • Fixed the cache