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A JavaScript plugin for creating beautiful, accessible, and painless custom dropdowns.

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Quick start

Basic Usage

  • Download the latest stable version from the releases / tags section
  • Insert the JS onto the page
  • Put the stylesheet where you would like
  • Add an ID or class to the select(s) you would like to DropKick

If you're using jQuery:

  • $("#ID").dropkick( options );

Pure JS:

  • Call new Dropkick( HTMLSelectELement, Options ); or new Dropkick( "ID", Options ); in your script

npm Install

You can install DropKick.js using npm:

npm install dropkickjs --save-dev


See Dropkickjs.com for full docs.

Browserstack Testing BrowserStack Status

Cross browser testing is provided by BrowserStack! They have generously provided automated testing for us.

Building the docs

Run yarn docs and it will build the docs from source.

WordPress Plugin

DropKick WordPress Plugin By Mahfuzul Hasan


Suggestions or Bugs?

Search for bugs ruthlessly and call any vermin to our attention!


Wil Wilsman @wilwilsman

Robert DeLuca @robdel12

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