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We're transforming Dribbble designs to React / React-Native code

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Project Expo Preview Screens Estimation Status
Camping Spots Finder App View Snack 2 5 hours :white_check_mark:
Velocity UI Kit View Snack 10-12 ~35 hours :hammer_and_wrench:
Car Parking Finder App View Snack 1-2 ~4 hours :white_check_mark:
Travel Article App UI View Snack 2 ~5 hours :white_check_mark:
Smart Home App UI View Snack 2 ~4 hours :white_check_mark:
Blood Donation App View Snack 2 ~2 hours :white_check_mark:
Driving AI assistant View Snack 5 ~15 hours :white_check_mark:
Plant App View Snack 6 ~20 hours :white_check_mark:
VPN App View Snack 2 ~2 hours :white_check_mark:
Your app - Your design - ~ hours :point_left::hammer_and_wrench:


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