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A (want to be) lightweight react tree component

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A (trying to be) lightweight tree component for react.

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Fork info

This repository is a fork of rc-tree.

It changes several issues:

  • allows passing of tree-nodes as children of the <TreeNode /> component
  • allows to use links as children
  • removes much of the css/images and leaves it to the user to provide the proper for the expand and folder icon

Future plans

  • remove the checkboxes from the view and provide them as plugin

Code Samples

Passing nodes

return data.map((item) => {

  return <TreeNode
      (item.children && item.children.length)
      ? loop(item.children)
      : null


In rc-tree this was not possible because the <TreeNode /> Element container was a link itself. Thus you would have ended with a link inside of a link. Now this is possible.

NOTE for when you are using draggable with links: Links are draggable by default. So you would end up with dragging a rather ugly link preview. To get around this you have to disable the draggability of links. Setting draggable={false} should do the trick. This way the tree plays nicely with libs like react-router:

return data.map((item) => {

  return (<TreeNode
          paddingLeft: `${(item.depth - 1) * 18}px`



Tree props

name description type default
className additional css class of root dom node String ''
prefixCls prefix class String ''
showLine whether show line bool true
showIcon whether show icon bool true
selectable whether can be selected bool true
multiple whether multiple select bool false
checkable whether support checked bool/React Node false
defaultExpandAll expand all treeNodes bool false
defaultExpandedKeys expand specific treeNodes String[] -
expandedKeys Controlled expand specific treeNodes String[] -
autoExpandParent whether auto expand parent treeNodes bool true
defaultCheckedKeys default checked treeNodes String[] []
checkedKeys Controlled checked treeNodes(After setting, defaultCheckedKeys will not work). Note: parent and children nodes are associated, if the parent node's key exists, it all children node will be checked, and vice versa. When set checkable and checkStrictly, it should be an object, which contains checked array and halfChecked array. String[]/{checked:Array<String>,halfChecked:Array<String>} []
checkStrictly check node precisely, parent and children nodes are not associated bool false
defaultSelectedKeys default selected treeNodes String[] []
selectedKeys Controlled selected treeNodes(After setting, defaultSelectedKeys will not work) String[] []
onExpand fire on treeNode expand or not function(expandedKeys, {expanded: bool, node}) -
onCheck click the treeNode/checkbox to fire function(checkedKeys, e:{checked: bool, checkedNodes, node, event}) -
onSelect click the treeNode to fire function(selectedKeys, e:{selected: bool, selectedNodes, node, event}) -
filterTreeNode filter some treeNodes as you need. it should return true function(node) -
loadData load data asynchronously and the return value should be a promise function(node) -
onRightClick select current treeNode and show customized contextmenu function({event,node}) -
onMouseEnter call when mouse enter a treeNode function({event,node}) -
onMouseLeave call when mouse leave a treeNode function({event,node}) -
draggable whether can drag treeNode. (drag events are not supported in Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions or Safari 5.1 and earlier versions.) bool false
onDragStart it execs when fire the tree's dragstart event function({event,node}) -
onDragEnter it execs when fire the tree's dragenter event function({event,node,expandedKeys}) -
onDragOver it execs when fire the tree's dragover event function({event,node}) -
onDragLeave it execs when fire the tree's dragleave event function({event,node}) -
onDrop it execs when fire the tree's drop event function({event, node, dragNode, dragNodesKeys}) -

TreeNode props

name description type default
className additional class to treeNode String ''
disabled whether disabled the treeNode bool false
disableCheckbox whether disable the treeNode' checkbox bool false
title tree/subTree's title String/element '---'
key it's used with tree props's (default)ExpandedKeys / (default)CheckedKeys / (default)SelectedKeys. you'd better to set it, and it must be unique in the tree's all treeNodes String treeNode's position
isLeaf whether it's leaf node bool false
href the link url string ''
linkClassName the css class for the link string ''
padding The padding that's required for the arrow icon infront of the label number 18
basePadding The padding infront of the icon number 0


The number of treeNodes can be very large, but when enable checkable, it will spend more computing time, so we cached some calculations(e.g. this.treeNodesStates), to avoid double computing. But, this bring some restrictions, when you async load treeNodes, you should render tree like this {this.state.treeData.length ? <Tree ...>{this.state.treeData.map(t => <TreeNode ... />)}</Tree> : 'loading tree'}


npm install
npm start


react-tree-component is released under the MIT license.

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