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#About An SQL-like language for querying the DOM. More info here.

#Development DOMQL is an interpereted language powered by the Sizzle selector engine.
Most SELECT queries can be directly compiled to a Sizzle query (see src/

DOMQL is written using the Jison parser generator.

##Source Files Overview

  • is the main file. Responsible for initiating the parser and contains some utils (domReady, templates etc).
  • is the language grammer file written in CoffeeScript's Jison DSL.
  • is the language lexer.
  • contains all the nodes for the syntax tree also responsible for compiling to sizzle / evaluating the code.
  • the test suite ran by index.html.

##Getting the Code

git clone [email protected]:amasad/DOMQL.git  


  • NodeJS for the development environment.
  • Browserify for Node requires to work in the browser.
  • express for development server.
  • uglify-js for minifying build file.
  • Jison for creating the parser.

You only need to install NodeJS. All the modules are checked in.
Note that browserify has been altered to work around a bug.


Using CoffeeScript's Cakefile you could do the following:

  • cake buildParser : Builds the parser.
  • cake dev : Starts the development server at localhost:8080 and watches the grammer file for changes to rebuild the parser.
  • cake build : Builds and minifies to domql.min.js.

##Tests Run cake dev and navigate your browser to http://localhost:8080 then open your JavaScript console to see the test results.

#License The MIT License Copyright 2012 Amjad Masad [email protected]

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