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Manage your dokku-alt ( through the comfort of your browser.

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Install with dokku-alt

The recommended way to install dokku-alt-manager is by using dokku-alt. You deploy application to dokku-alt using "GIT PUSH", so you will need to checkout this repository locally then "PUSH" it.

  1. Install dokku-alt on Ubuntu by following instruction here:

  2. Clone this repository locally.

  3. Open terminal, CD to repository and type this:

HOST=your-dokku-host    # Deploy to existing dokku-alt host

ssh [email protected]$HOST create dam
ssh [email protected]$HOST mariadb:create dam
ssh [email protected]$HOST mariadb:link dam dam

git remote add deploy [email protected]$HOST:dam
git push deploy master

The push command will respond with the URL you can open and use.

Local Installation (for development)

  1. If you do not have composer, install it:
curl -sS | php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer
  1. Copy config-default.php to config.php, then edit it

  2. In terminal run:

composer install
php bootstrap.php

This will install database and you can start using Dokku-alt by opening "admin/public" sub-folder of this project in your web browser.


It's always good to see logs:

ssh [email protected]$HOST logs dam -t

You can also run

ssh [email protected] enter dam

tail /var/log/apache2/*

You can also run bootstrap.php with arguments, for more info:

php bootstrap.php -h


  • Support for multiple dokku hosts
  • Start, stop, enable, disable apps
  • Edit app config
  • Create and link apps with databases
  • Manage volumes and link with app
  • Password-protect the app
  • Support for all basic features of Dokku-alt

Planned Features

  • Passkey support for private key

  • Fetch all apps from host

  • Save and restore snapshots

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