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Dokker.js creates professional Javascript code documentations.

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Dokker.js creates professional Javascript code documentations.

See Dokker.js documentation as example.

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  • Create or HTML or markdown documentation from JSDOC tags
  • Support for literate programming documentation
  • Live edit source code and watch changes
  • Include link to your Github repository
  • Customize your own templates with ejs or use default style
  • Create feature description from mocha test suite
  • Automagically include your into the documentation
  • Use your own logo to make an astonishing impression
  • Deploy documentation to Github pages on the fly




Dokker is available as npm package. So the easiest way is to install dokker as global module into your project:

npm install -g dokker


After installation you can execute Dokker with the help of several terminal commands.

Bootstrap Dokker project

Dokker needs a configuration file to execute, such as a .travis or .jshintrc. You can easily create .dokker.json file with the dokker-init command from the root directory of your project or copy an example file.

Dokker provides a default template for your project. The template is based on an ejs file. Either you use the default template or modify it. If you choose for the latter you can copy the templates directory and tweak the ejs files how you like.

Create documentation

Creating a documentation is really simple with the help of Dokker. You just configure the .dokker.json file and execute dokker. Then you're done.

Live edit your documentation

If you want to work on your source file and see how the documentation evolves, you can do dokker-watch and it will open a browser with live preview.

Deploy to Github Pages

If you want to deploy your documentation to Github Pages, run gh-pages. Finally a separate branch, named gh-pages is created from the docs folder. That is enough for Github to serve your documentation. Please do not forget to git commit your changes before your run gh-pages command.

Dokker in the wild

Some examples by our users. Let us know what you did with Dokker too!

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Dokker.js was originally created by georgschlenkhoff, and transferred to kengz on 16 Jun 2016 for further development.

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