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3 years ago


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4 years ago

2018.2.1 HOTFIX:

  • Removed AsyncFilterRunner import from Sampling Detector (Issue #12 )
  • Fixed Dogeforia crash on stop (Issue #10 )


4 years ago


  • Added HoughSilverDetector: intended for slighter slower but more precise silver mineral classification. Works nicely.
  • Added JavaDocs and in-depths comments on most detectors, scorers, and filters
  • Changed DogeCVScorer input from MatOfPoint to Mat in order to facilitate more diverse scoring methods
  • Detectors now have a seperate displayMat as opposed to a workingMat; one is for detection work, the other is for displaying the results
  • Added SilverExample OpMode for demonstrating silver detector use
  • Added HoughSilverExample OpMode for demonstrating Hough transform-based silver detector use
  • Gold Align Detector now has setAlignSettings(int offset, int width) function to set parameters
  • Updated SamplingOrderDetector to choose top two silver minerals instead of all
  • Ported GenericDetector to using DogeCVDetector
  • Ported BlankDetector to using DogeCVDetector
  • Added updateSettings to LeviColorFilter
  • Corrected typos within this README
  • Added an experimental WHITE option to LeviColorFilter
  • Cleaned up detectors and filters


4 years ago

This release mostly focused on fixing import and crashing issues that new users are having while also including suggestions by our community. Now we are focusing on stablity and tuning our detectors to be reliable. Changelog: 2018.1:

  • Added HSVRangeFilter that uses classic lower and upper HSV ranges
  • HSVColorFilter now devides the range by 2 on each side of the perfect color value. (Now range acts as expected) (Issue #9)
  • Added SilverDetector (Same as Gold but for silver)
  • Moved SamplingOrderDetector to use HSVRangeFilter for silver
  • Tuned Sampling (Still not competetion ready)
  • Cleaned up Dogeforia handling per suggestions of "@BillTheCat123 | Mentor | 3763" on FTC Discord
  • Fixed Gradle import issues of :FTCRobotController with Dogeforia class. (Issue #8)
  • Cleaned up Gradle Build files to lessen import errors
  • Added common Gradle Build errors to wiki
  • DogeCVDetector now handles printing the detector setting to the screen


4 years ago


  • New Versioning System
  • New Scoring API
  • New DogeCVDetector Class
  • Vuforia Support
  • Gold Align, Mineral Order, and Gold Detectors
  • General Code Cleanup
  • Cleaner Params
  • Moved Downscaling to DogeCVDetector Class
  • Updated to EnderCV 2.0 (Modfied)