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:open_file_folder: MacForge Plugin to bring dark mode to macOS

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  • Designed for 10.10+
  • DoctorDark is a SIMBL plugin that tries to bring dark mode to every application window on macOS
  • Author: w0lfschild


  • Some applications may look bad or crash
  • Applications with custom windows will likely not be effected
  • You can blacklist an app using the GUI or terminal:
    • defaults write org.w0lf.drdark $(osascript -e 'id of app "Application Name"') 0


  1. Download mySIMBL
  2. Download DoctorDark
  3. Unzip downloads
  4. Open DoctorDark.bundle with
  5. Restart any application to have DoctorDark plugin loaded


Pretty much the BSD license, just don't repackage it and call it your own please!
Also if you do make some changes, feel free to make a pull request and help make things more awesome!

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